Your way of living can affect your body,
Include the systems circulatory & respiratory,
For these are essential for life,
Of the Human species, the brightest of the bright.
The heart pumps the blood to reach it to every system,
The veins carry blood to it and the arteries the opposite,
And blood reaches the lungs to put oxygen in it,
With nostrils for the gateway of the air.
But if you smoke your lungs will be sick,
And your breathing will shorten like a cut short stick,
The voicebox will weaken and soon not be used,
And the air inside you will nothing like pure.
If too much fat will be consumed,
The blood vessels will clog.
Pressure will build up,
With a possibility for the brain to be doomed.
Eat healthy foods and limit those with cholesterol,
Avoid the smoke and dirty, polluted air,
Remeber these reminders,
To prevent these disasters.