It started around the cold evening in the year 1617 where a group of african americans got their map backwards and ended in a philippine coast. They thought they were still in california. They looked around and wondered why there were a lot of mexicans walking around, but what the heck they said.

And then they saw a mountain and decided to climb it for no reason. They got at the top of the mountain after a while. A breathtaking scenery robbed them of their last energy left from hiking and then the tallest of them said, "This is big yow!". All of them chanted back, "big yow!". Ahaha, they laughed together, cheers to the lands of the sky, they screamed further, "BIGYOW!!!!".

Their screams echoed throughout the south east asia. The locals had no idea where that sound came from and what it means. Mystified of that eerie sound, they named the mountain bigyow, which over time became baguio.