Prevention is Better than Cure

.Identify ways of detecting and preventing diseases in the respiratory and circulatory system
.Appreciate the importance of a healthy lifestyle in avoiding such disease

1.With your group mates ,create a story that illustrates various ways of preventing disease that affect the respiratory and circulatory must also show the importance of keeping our bodies healthy and free from illnesses
2.Consider the following criteria to serve as your guide in completing the given Task.

The best way to prevent disease in the respiratory and circulatory system is to have a healthy lifestyle, which includes balanced diet, regular exercise, adequate rest, proper hygiene, and avoiding vices such as cigarette smoking and alcohol drinking. Respiratory and circulatory disease can easily be detected with regular health check-up and physical screening. Perhaps, air pollution can be discussed as well, which one's respiratory system.

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Since you are doing a story or a drama....In our group and some of my classmates portray first a bad lifestyles like drinking alcohol and cigarrete smoking which affect there body..Next, the effect...after that they will already change...Try to visit in youtube for more info...