Persues knew that Medusa was strong enough and he can't just get rid of him by using his strength. even he knew that task is difficult he didn't realize to give up. he believe he could find a way to kill him. afterwards the God Athena and the nymphs serve him to assist and find a way to get rid ofmedusa. they gave persues a sort of weapons and other shield to defense himself. then because of his braveness, the outcome was he get rid the head of Medusa and the people around him was praised him because of his achievements. in real life we can convert the challenge of persues to Medusa. if you know the saying difficult roads often lead to a beautiful destination. it refers that whatever takes obstacles in your life just remember that it's only a challenge of God,he only test your strength, like an exam where at first it was hard but if you give up you would failed and if you make much effort you would passed. like persues he knew that it was a demanding task but he didn't think to give up and he knew God will protect and help him.because of his braveness ,the God Athena and the nymphs serve the God. they assist persues and help him to pursue the task as a result persues achieved the goals. you can't never your reason why you give up is because it was complicated. what you need? an easy task? easy tasks can just make the life so bored and useless. you can define the life as life is full of challenge and you only need is to overcome all of them.