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Made from a hard nylon plastic, this type of utensil is designed to be used for cutting fresh vegetables such as salad greens. The purpose of the salad knife is to provide a cutting material that will not turn the fresh ingredients brown once they have been cut. Metal knives typically brown various foods once they have been sliced. Thus, the nylon salad knife was designed so foods such as lettuce would not begin to brown prior to serving. Made with a serrated blade, the salad knife can be used safely on non-stick surfaces to cut not only vegetables but a wide variety of foods such as fruits, cakes, bars, and breads. It is also referred to as a lettuce knife.
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Is a case in point, because even though it is found in most restaurants, its use is scorned. At most, it might be used to cut an overly large tomato slice. But if you're tackling a leaf of lettuce the size of a bed sheet, slicing it with a knife would be culinary barbarism in the eyes of Knigge.,thats the meaning of SALAD KNIFE.. :)