BALINGBINGClassification: Idiophone, bamboo buzzerDescription

Bamboo tube, one side closed. Two tongues and a crack up to the node; hole. The instrument isplayed by beating one of the tongues against the arm or wrist; sound can be changed by closingand opening the hole. Usually played by at least seven individuals, each with one buzzer. Playerplay their own rythmic pattern, all patterns fit together ('interlocking'). Players can form long rowswhile dancing in an open space (such as a central meadow).

Dimensions: vary from 30 to 50 cm. depending on desired tonal height.
Ethnic group:Kalingga
Location: North Luzon (Cordillera)

AFIWClassification: Idiophone, jaw harpDescription

Made of brass; the instrument is held horizontally with the metal tongue in front of the openedmouth. The left end is either hit by the thumb of the right hand or plucked (see photographbelow). This makes the metal tongue vibrate which causes a sound. The mouth serves as aresonator and by changing the shape and size of the mouth opening; the overtones can bechanged, thus creating a melody. By strongly breathing in or out the volume can be changed aswell. The string is made of wool.

Dimensions: length: 11,5 cm., width: 1,3 cm.
Ethnic group:Bontoc
Location: North Luzon (Cordillera)

BANGIBANGClassification: Idiophone, percussion barDescription

Set of at least seven wooden bars made of hard wood. Each bar has its own pitch and is hit by
the player with a short stick of hard wood. Players have one stick each and play their own
rythmic pattern, which fall together ('interlocking').

Dimensions: length: 47,5 cm., height: 5 cm., diameter: 2,6 cm.
Ethnic group:Ifuga o
Location: North Luzon (Cordillera)