Of or relating to the body as opposed to the mind."a whole range of physical and mental challenges"

ICHPER - first conceived in 1950, was founded in Rome, Italy in 1958.

ICHPER name was extended to ICHPER-SD including Sport and Dance inYokohama, Japan in 1993.

ICHPER-SD includes over 208 countries and self governing territories around the world.

ICHPER-SD is the largest membership-based international and umbrella organisation that inludes academics, teachers, researchers, coaches, educators and administrators in the fields of HPERSD and related areas.

ICHPER-SD has held 36 World Congress & Expositions including Sydney, Australia in 1970.

The 1st Regional ICHPER-SD Oceania Congress was held in Wellington in 2006.

ICHPER-SD has shared Headquarters with AAHPERD/ SHAPE America since 1958.

Collaboratively developed with UNESCO the International Standards for PE & Sport (school children) in 2001-2004.