Sleep early, proper hygiene (washing your face at least twice a day), avoid from oily foods and stay away from polluted areas.
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The best way to remove your pimples is proper hygiene like washing your face twice a day, keeping it clean. Avoid touching your face because it can add dirt in your face causing pimples. Eat healthy foods such as green leafy vegetables instead of oil foods. Drink enough water everyday for hydration of your skin. Your hair can also irritate your face causing having pimples because it has dirt or maybe the shampoo you are using that contains certain chemical which is not good for your face. You can also use honey but be careful because maybe it can irritate your skin, but I can say that it is very effective because tried it. But if you feel that it is not effective, you can consult a doctor.
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*because I tried it.
Also, do not popped your pimples.
Thank you :)
Your welcome. I hope I helped you :)