Q13. What do the Glossopteris fossils tell us about the early positions of the continents? Q14. If Glossopteris fossils were found in Antarctica, what was the climate of this continent before? Q15. If the climate and the position of a place are relative to each other, where then was the initial location of Antarctica 250 million years ago? Q16. What does the presence of Mesosaurus fossils tell about the initial location and positioning of South America, Africa, and Antarctica?Q17. What clues are useful in reconstructing Pangaea? Q18. Which continents do you think were neighbors before? Q19. Is there a possibility that the current location of a continent would be different 100 years from now? Q20. Where do you think was the Philippines located during the time that the Pangaea existed? Research on how the Philippine islands emerged.observations. Q21. If the continents will continue to move, try to predict the Philippines’ location 100 million years from now.



13. Since it is impossible for Glossopteris fossils found in different regions or continents to be blown by the wind or carried by ocean waves, the only possibility is that these regions were once connected

It proves that Antarctica had a tropical climate before.

15. It tells us that Antarctica was nearer to the equator before as compared to where it is today.

16. It tells us that these continents were connected before, since this kind of animal cannot swim across the vast ocean.

17. The edges of the continents are useful in reconstructing Pangaea. Aside from the fitting of edges of the continents, the presence of evidences found in the same continents made the reconstruction easier.

18. Europe and Asia were neighbors in the north.North America, South America and Africa in the middle.Australia and Antarctica, together with India in the South.

19. Yes, if the continents continue to move. But it will not be very noticeable because it took 200 million years before the continents came to where they are now, based on the Continental Drift Theory.

20. Knowing that the Philippines has or is near trenches, it could have not existed during the time of Pangaea but borne out of volcanic eruptions and other tectonic activities.
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