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When explaining to a blind person with impeccable Math skills your solution to triangle ABC given the following information Angle C = 23 degrees;  Side c = 9 units, and Side a = 17 units:

(NOTE: In your notes, Angle C is given at 23 degrees, so why solve for Angle C which yields 46.9 degrees? It should be Angle A. Make necessary corrections in labels in your solution.)

Even if the other person has impeccable Math skills, he would need a calculator to solve for the value of Sine theta.  So, I recommend that you explain how you solve the problem.

YOU to the blind person:  

"Given a triangle ABC, sides a and c measures 9 and 17 units, respectively, and angle C measures 23 degrees.  Using the Law of Sines, Angle A is solved by dividing the product of Sine C and side a by side c.  To find Angle B, I subtracted the sum of angles A and C from 180 degrees.  The only missing is side b, and it is solved by dividing the product of side c and Sin B by Sin C."

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