1. He tried to avoid the battle by calling a truce. Because of a dream and several warnings from others telling him will die. 

2. A Knight, without thinking, draws his sword to kill a snake (adder) and the battle ensues. 

3. He tells him to throw away the sword, Excalibur, in a lake. Bedivere instead hides the sword under a tree. 

4. His death and defeat in the battle. Also, he should wait for Lancelot before going into battle. 

5. The adder (IN MY OPINION) represents destiny. Arthur tried to avoid his destiny by calling a truce, but the adder appears to put destiny back on track. 

6. Arthur is committed to correcting the "wrong" committed by Mordred, even if he has to give his own life in the process. 

7. We do not know if Arthur is alive or dead. 

8. Magic is embodied in the wizard Merlin who although imprisoned in a crystal, appeared to Aurthur caused a fog to fall on the battlefield which helps Arthur by hiding his much smaller army. The sword, Excalibur, is a magic sword, the sword of power, and as long as Arthur uses it's powers for good and not evil, it enables him to do more than he could as a mere mortal.
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There are a lot of patterns used to develop the idea of the text. You can used the patterns of description if you aim to particularly describe a specific event or person. The pattern of description can be objective or subjective however, regardless of what the controlling idea of the details of the description must be organized. You can also used the pattern of narration in developing idea of the text since people love to hear stories. In a narrative paragraph, one must think about the paragraphs as scenes and and the controlling idea as a kind of wide angle shot on the scene. Another pattern used to develop the idea of the text is the process analysis which refers to the discussion of the steps one must take to achieve an output. The steps in the process analysis happens  in sequence over time, and so are presented in chronological order.It clearly depends on transitional phrases like first," "second," "then," and "finally," to indicate the sequence in which steps are to be taken. Division and classification are also used to organize objects and information. In using this pattern in developing the idea of the text, you need to have that strong sense of purpose. Illustration is also used to develop the idea of the text which refers to clarification through exemplification. Illustration starts from a clear idea of what to illustrate and the form of illustration follows. Definition is also a way of developing the idea of the text that is commonly used in defining scientific terms to make it understandable by the general public. In using definition to write a paragraph, you must identify the term being defined, provide a basic or general definition, and then provide clear detail to support the definition. The cause and effect patterns is used to how the effect came to be and what caused it. The writer must know which factor to emphasize and its importance. Analysis as a pattern in developing idea of the text aims to understand a subject by examining its parrts. The analysis depends on a clear sense of purpose, solid evidence, and careful explanation of the significance of the evidence. Analogy can also be used to develop the idea of the text. Comparison is used to explain something that is more understandable.
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