1. And one day, as lovely Danae sat sadly looking up at the passing
clouds, Zeus beheld the maiden.  - sense of sight and touch
It happened that a fisherman, Dictys by name, saw the chest bobbing on the waves close to the shore. - sense of sight
When he beheld the pitiful mother with the helpless little child, his heart was moved - sense of touch
The sight of them as you well know, turns men into stone - sense of sight
 Look into it instead of at the monster as you approach to do battle, and you will see the Medusa reflected as in a mirror.” - sense of sight
And when the Nymphs heard the reason he wanted them, they were willing to give him the winged shoes, the helmet that would make him invisible, and the magic wallet that would become the right size for whatever he wish to carry. - sense of hearing
 As he approached, he could see, scattered in the fields and along the roads, statues of men and beasts whom the sight of the Gorgons had turned stone. - sense of sight
8. A voice close beside him -  sense of hearing
Perseus swept down, and still gazing into the shield, boldly swung his blade - sense of sight
10. Enjoyed the peep at  the visible world - sense of sight
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