When multiplying decimals just multiply it:

just count the decimal point from the right to the left until where it stops and copy it to the answer......
1 5 1
23.95...di ko alam kung tama yan..yan yung total sa pa sosolve ko eh

The answer is 14.95 not 23.95!!! im just checking it but you can check it on your own using the calculator.... :)
3 ways to multiply- Multiplying numbers not close to one hundred..
1.Write down your numbers sitting on top of each other, like you would do when multiplying normally.
2.Multiply the numbers in the ones place and put the product directly under the ones.
3.Cross multiply like you would for fractions by taking the top numbers' tens digit multiplied by the bottom numbers ones place. Then take the top number's tens place multiplied by the bottom number's tens place.