Rewrite each sentence after changing the words with close open parenthesis to an appropriate pronoun. 1. (My parents, my siblings and I) are busy on saturday. 2. (Mother) goes to market at six o'clock in the moening. 3. Later, (my sister and I) clean and wash what she bought, and keep in the refrigerator. 4. (Father) does gardening. 5. (My brother and I) help him pull the weeds and trim the plants. 6. Our (garden) is full of flowering plants. 7. Our (youngest sister) keeps the house spick-and-span. 8. At the end of the day, (Lolo and Lola) treat us to a sumptuous meal. 9. Our (neighbors) enjoys watching us. 10. The (Homeowner's Association) encourages everyone to do the same.



1. We
2. She
3. We
4. He
5. We
6. It is full blah
7. She
8. They
9. They
10. He