Monki, Makil, and the Monkeys

There once lived in the sultanate of Agamaniyog a couple named Monki and Makil.  Their house was built near the forest.  Monki and Makil were hard workers.  They planted rice, mango, lanzones, guava, sugarcane, and many kinds of fruits and vegetables.  Whenever the fruits and rice were ripe and the sugarcane had grown tall, a large number of monkeys would come.  They would eat all the rice, sugarcane, and fruits, and destroy the remaining plants.  One of the monkeys' leaders was Amomantaragaga.  He was a very big monkey, and Makil feared him.  The monkeys became a problem of Monki and Makil as well as of the people of Agamaniyog.

One day Monki and Makil carried out a plan.  Makil let his wife place a piece of white cloth over his body, cry a kandidiagao (a cry of grief), and say, "Why did Makil die? He was very good to all the people! He planted sweet fruits and plenty of sugarcane."

When the monkeys heard Monki's cry, they decided to help her.  The leader of the monkeys said, "We shall help Monki, because it is really true that Makil was a good man.  He always planted fruits for us."  So all the monkeys went to the house of Monki.  The leader of the monkeys asked her, "What can we do? Can we help you? Please tell us how we can help you!"Monki replied, "Oh, my friends, Makil will not die if you help him sit up."So they helped Makil sit up.  The leader asked, "Can you tell us what else we can do to help you?""Oh, my friend monkeys, you are very good to me!" continued Monki. "Makil will not die if you help him stand up."  So they helped him stand up."What else can we do, Monki?" asked the leader of the monkeys."Oh, my friend monkeys, if you give this kampilan (long combat sword) to Makil, I promise you that we shall plant more sugarcane just for you," said Monki.  When Amomantaragaga saw the kampilan he became wary and went out of the house.   As soon as Makil received the kampilan, Monki closed the door and Makil killed all the monkeys in the house.  Only Amomantaragaga escaped.One day Makil and Monki had another good idea.  They made a litag (bamboo trap) in order to catch Amomantaragaga.  Early in the morning, they went out to see if the trap had caught the monkey.  In fact it had caught an animal, but it did not look like a monkey.  They were annoyed when they came near and found out that the animal was a heron.  This heron was called Tatalaonga."Why are you here, Tatalaonga?" asked Makil. "I'll kill you because you are the reason why I did not catch Amomantaragaga.""Oh, datu, please don't kill me," pleaded the heron. "If you set me free, I'll go and kill Amomantaragaga myself!"So Makil set the heron free.  Tatalaonga asked Makil to make a raft from pieces of sugarcane.  When the raft was finished, Makil brought it to the river, and Tatalaonga perched on it.  Drifting along, Tatalaonga passed Amomantaragaga by the banks of the river and invited the monkey to go rafting with him.  The two continued down the river on the raft.Tatalaonga took a piece of sugarcane to use as a pole to move the raft, and then he took another one and gave it to Amomantaragaga, who greedily ate the pole.  The monkey ate one cane after another, until only one piece was left.  At that instance, Tatalaonga flew away and left Amomantaragaga to drown in the river.Monki and Makil and the sultan of Agamaniyog and his people were happy to be rid of the pestering monkeys.