Speaking scientifically, it could be but it takes so much time to achieve such kind of environment like how suitable we have now in earth. However, just think about an electronic gadgets, would you settle in an old model which has been destroyed not just once, twice or thrice but many times and now still trying to keep on repairing it spending million of dollars compare to one time big time investment such altering mars environment into earth like. In contrast to this statement, speaking religiously, god created earth for man therefore earth is intended for man. So, reading between the lines, it is the earth where we shall live and die, not mars or any other planets. In addition, due to indefinite questions and curiosities of intelligent man beyond those research, it could be possible but according to my perspective when that time comes I am already gone in this world. My final message is that, keep on your mind that nothing compares to earth and I dont think its too late. Saying too late is simply saying "im hopeless and tired" .
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Bes, wag tamad. SHS na tayo hahaha may ganyan din kami hays. 350 words pa nga amin eh.
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