Well,, obviously,, we should not pretend that we are good , you present yourself as true you,, dont hide something,, let people see it from you and its up to them if they will like it or not,, and certainlly,, we have christ in our hearts,, its up to you how you get closer to him,, if you are close to God then Im pretty sure that people will see it from you,
There is no perfect, we should admit it. But as Christ died for us on the cross,he offer his life to redeem us.As we grow having the Christian virtues and being like him.We can be like Christ just as he does,by tracing his footprints and live like him in many ways,little ways but God see it large that he can entrust Large things to you.People see you in different ways but God only see the whole scale of your life.His eyes run every corners of the entire Universe and Earth searching for those who love him above all things.