Roses are red, violets are blue We all like nutritious foods, because they are good for you.Carrots, apples, milk and moreSome nutritious foods you should be asking for.Why don’t rabbits wear glasses, you might want to know?Because they eat carrots, and that’s just so.Fruits are yummy, fruits are sweet,Fruits are healthy and very good to eat.Apples are red, grapes are green,Eating good foods like that will keep you lean.We love apples, we think you do too,So, you’re in luck, because they’re good for you.Apples are crunchy, juicy and good in every way,They have fibres that help you and prevent tooth decay.By drinking milk you can’t go wrong,It’s good for your bones and will make you strong.Milk has calcium, potassium, vitamins and proteinIt helps your body grow and stay pristine.It’s good to learn about what foods you should put into your body.Choosing right and eating right will help to keep you healthy