One of the most fascinating Epics or Hero Myths I have been obsessed with in the last few years is the absorbing tale of BEOWULF. Beowulf has no one author to it since it was passed down from bard to bard in those very remote ages of the far past. I am sure that if you take your time to read this Epic and follow the development of the events, you will also be captivated by the magical and mystical atmosphere throughout the entire narration. It is prudent at times to consult your dictionary or the materials I have provided for you here so as to not miss a single detail if possible. Gradual reading and visualizing of the story will fill you with the excitement and fascination of that far-off era, long, long past. But, if you like the "Castles and Dragons" kind of experience, I guarantee you will enjoy and later appreciate this fantastic tale, manifested into Time just when the Danish and Germanic occupations of Celtic Britannia (Britain) were beginning to take place. But, to be able to truly fill your understanding of the greatness of the tale and the peoples who were there to make it crystallize historically into chronicled events, it is advisable, indeed compulsory, to extend your interests into the study of the factual and cultural knowledge offered here through the sections and documents of background information I have compiled or created myself for you. An understanding of the beginnings of the English people and Language are most fascinating and necessary to the full experience of BEOWULF.