Nope theres is no way does the animals will be riencarnarnated

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ahhmm , let's just say "what If" it's possible. what do you think would be the basis in reincarnating animals to humans?
its behavour to be human is maybe like an animal
pls do not emitate its just in my mind
A large No, humans are special creation of God, being created in his image and have immaterial spirit which animals cannot have.There is no second chance as all things live once and die once or coming back as different people or animals,try looking  your dog to another human a person saying You are my dog is just embarrassing. Animals are born to be animals but Humans are born to be Humans and we are above to all creations. We cannot have an endless cycle on Earth but to go to our eternal place and it is not here,where we can have joy endless and get a life more than our Earthly lives whole.