Reverse pala :( why -sinx = (cot x - csc x)(cos x +1) ? solution for -sinx, using trigonometric identities

Anong reverse pala?
wala po un . basta solve -sinx ,
need kopo solution salamat:)
Kailangan i-prove yung equation?
oo , ano ung gagawin sa -sinx para makuha (cot x - csc x) (cosx +1) , solution ung kailangan ko



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-sinx = (cotx-cscx)(cosx+1) \\  \\ -sinx = ( \frac{cosx}{sinx} - \frac{1}{sinx})(cosx+1) \\  \\ -sinx = (\frac{cosx-1}{sinx})(cosx+1) \\  \\ -sinx = \frac{cos^2x-1}{sinx} \\  \\ -sinx = \frac{-sin^2x}{sinx} \\  \\ -sinx =-sinx

Identity used:
from 4th line to 5th line:  sin²x + cos²x = 1

pero ung hinahanap ko . isolve ung -sinx .
anu ung isasubtitute mo sa -sinx . gets?
Di ko gets. Usually kasi pag gantong problem, yung mas complicated na side ang i-mamanipulate para maging simple. Yung gusto mo naman ay yung simplest side and i-manipulate para maging complicated?
oo ganon . ganon ung homewwork na pinagawa . ginawa kona kasi ung mas complicated na side . tapos baliktad namn yung simplest side nman ung i mamanipulate
May in-attach akong ibang solution. Tignan mo kung ok na
tatanong namn prof, ko kung pano nakuha ung -sin^2x ? pano nakuha un?