Bullying. It is defined as the improper practice done by all ages, depending on the person itself. Humans all have flaws, some people accept that, some seem to keep on pursuing the goal of being the perfect one, and some seem have the habit and the characteristic to point out those flaws, intentionally and unintentionally bringing offence to a specified person or a group, in general. Some people, in conclusion, love the idea of driving the inferior to the edge of their sanity and vulnerability. They love the concept of being on top of the tower they made for themselves, and when they see a threat, they are mischievous and sly to attack those weak points. This is the art of bullying. We, the community, can't avoid this, much more to actually control this. What we can all do now, as concerned human beings, is to post up some cautionary signs regarding bullying, comfort the victim, seize the act if you happen to pass by, spread love, bring awareness, and be an altruist to human behavior and interaction of the simple ones in such community. Spread love, not hate.
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