Circumstances beyond my control make me forego the pleasure of appearing in person to deliver this message following a beautiful tradition established many years ago and adhered to most punctiliously by my predecessors in office. Although during your short period of special session coincident with my inauguration I had an opportunity to thank you informally for your prompt response on the measures that I recommended, I reiterate my deep appreciation for your fine spirit of cooperation from the start of this administration. I wish to assure you of the same cooperation in your legislative labors.

It give me great satisfaction to be able to report to you that, in spite of the unfavorable conditions under which we labored during the past year due to the intense and bitter political controversies which raged throughout the nation, we have achieved notable progress in our constructive endeavors.

There is relative peace and order in the entire country today. The sporadic activities of outlaws in isolated and widely dispersed localities are under control. There is no organized movement of any consequence that can be considered a threat to the stability of our Government. The recent attempt to challenge the authority of this Government by a few disgruntled elements has definitely ended with the surrender and offer of cooperation of these elements, and the amnesty granted by the Government. We can now say that, generally, our farms and our countryside are only awaiting the hand that would till the soil to contribute in proper measure to our productive efforts.

Our social amelioration program has shed its beneficent blessings on the people inhabiting even the remotest confines of the archipelago; it has given a relief to small independent farmers within and beyond the once called troubled areas. It has so spread the gospel of peace and so inspired the people with faith in their Government, that it is well nigh impossible for the subversive elements to indoctrinate them now with their pernicious theories and ideas.