Friday: June 17, 2016 Once at school a mate of mine and I were in a group, for a project to be passed on next week. I was the leader of the pack, and I distributed the work among my groupmates. We needed the script to be done next Monday, so we could act this out on Wed. So I gave 'Bisugo', not his real name, the task to do the scriptwriting, with 2 other groupmates to help him (because they were just near his house BTW, so they could go in the weekends. He willfully accepted, and even told me it's going to be done at the weekends and he will send the file to me via fb. I liked how he accepted the extra weight, but my trust was corroded when I came to school next week. "Bisugo, where's the script?" "What script?" "OH!... the script... Well... You see..." "I see what? I trusted you! Now what? Huh? We're in deep sludge because of you! Did your 'pals' even came to your house? I guess NOT. Ugh! How could I be so foolish to give such responsibility to such an arrogant and irresponsible man like you?" Okay, I was overwhelmed at this point. But what I'm trying to point out here is that being boastful means you say you'll do something but not actually doing it. In other words, 'acting out', 'pretending' or not being true to yourself. These people will usually make up excuses just to prove their point. Confident people, on the other hand, will acknowledge whether they know how to do something or not, and even willing to know how. Sure, there are many more differences to associate with being boastful (or arrogant) and being confident, but you asked for a RL situation. Thanks! :)