Meiosis results in four identical daughter cells. It involves succesive cell divisions. Results in haploid daughter cells. Occurs only in animals plants and fungi. Prophase 1 takes much longer. Creates germ cells (egg and sperm) while mitosis is the opposite. Mitosis results in two genetically identical daughter cell. Occurs in all organisms except viruses. Creates all somatic cells aside from the germ cells. Prophase is much shorter. No crossing over occurs in prophase. Hope it helps :)

Mitosis is a process of cell division that occurs in most cells of the body, it produces 2 daughter cells which are diploid while meiosis is a process that occurs only in sex cells the sperm cells and ova, this produces 4 cells which are haploid so that when there is union between sperm cell and ovum the resulting chromosome will be the same as that of diploid cell