I have a hammer that isn't doing real well, and now a pineapple coral is starting to look pretty frazzled and I believe it may be a reaction to a yellow leather I bought last week. Currently the leather is sitting at the top of the reef above the other two which are on the sand....I'm wondering if in a 225 gallon tank, would putting my leathers on one side of the tank and my LPS and SPS more towards the other end prevent the problems of leather "poisoning" I've been reading about. I have all total about 6 leathers...The majority of corals are LPS and a few sps. Any input would be much appreciated.

Thanks, We do have good flow with wavemakers and jets...we also have a protein skimmer. The other leathers didn't seem to cause a problem....evein the sinularia flexibis....maybe I'll try relocatig the yellow leather and if things don't improve quickly, find a new home for it.
Try running carbon first and see if it helps. If not, find a new home for the leather.

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