5+[3-(4x5+35 divided by 5)+13]
Do The MDAS METHOD or Multiplication,Division,Addition,Subtraction Method so it goes like this...
Una,kukunin mo muna ung sagot sa close and open parenthesis so 4x5 muna kasi Multiplication ang nauna sa MDAS Method so 4x5 is equals to 20 and the divide the product to 5 kasi Division ang susunod sa MDAS METHOD. so 20 divided by 5 is 4. Now, ung asa labas na. so sa bracket na ang next na kukunin... uunahin ung plus kesa sa Subtraction so 4 plus 13 is equals to 17. Next ay 3-17 so magiging positive 3 minus positive 17 is equals to -14 and then last ay positive 5 or 5 minus -14 is equals to -11(?) gets?