for me for his SONA here in the philiphines one of the president in the Philippines Rodrigo duterte sya at ipinakita niya ang kanyang matagumpay na support a sa ibang tao . na cya talaga at bilang estudyante.?
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My reflection about the State Of the Nation Address of our new president which is Rodrigo Duterte is that I SHALL NOT DO DRUGS. As of now, many teenagers were using prohibited drugs and all I can advice to them is STOP just like what our president wants. And I know Drugs or prhibited drugs in specific can destroy MY FUTURE, OUR FUTURE. So that's it. Duterte Law #101 - "DO NOT DO DRUGS". (Seriously, it is one of his quotes that marked on my mind. I love it in short hihihi.)

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thank you for your answer ithelps me to answer my assignment in araling panlipunan because it is required for us to know, about it...... thank you very much.. :)
Your welcome! I'm SD at your service haha.