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Reactions on President Duterte's First SONA

The first SONA highlighted the urgency for change for the benefits of the Filipinos. This includes war on illegal drugs and criminalities, anti-corruption campaign, pushing federalism, solution on Metro Manila traffic and more jobs for the Filipinos.

However, some issues like lowering of the age of responsibility to 12 (as mentioned by Duterte early June), anti-contractualization and death penalty to augment war on drugs were not mentioned.

Duterte's SONA really set change - reduced budget for food and the historic event is no longer a fashion show of spouses of the legislators and guests as business attire was observed in all attendees.

As compared to previous SONAs, a peaceful demonstration of the militant groups happened outside the Batasang Pambansa. The militants from the Left including the lumad from Northern Mindanao and Caraga have vowed not to march in protest as their tradition, but in support of the new President.

One thing is sure, and as Duterte promised, "this will be a clean government."
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