Choose your forum carefullyStack OverflowWeb and IRC forumsAs a second step, use project mailing listsUse meaningful, specific subject headersMake it easy to replyWrite in clear, grammatical, correctly-spelled languageSend questions in accessible, standard formatsBe precise and informative about your problemVolume is not precisionDon't rush to claim that you have found a bugGrovelling is not a substitute for doing your homeworkDescribe the problem's symptoms, not your guessesDescribe your problem's symptoms in chronological orderDescribe the goal, not the stepDon't ask people to reply by private e-mailBe explicit about your questionWhen asking about codeDon't post homework questionsPrune pointless queriesDon't flag your question as “Urgent”, even if it is for youCourtesy never hurts, and sometimes helpsFollow up with a brief note on the solutionHow To Interpret AnswersRTFM and STFW: How To Tell You've Seriously Screwed UpIf you don't understand...Dealing with rudenessOn Not Reacting Like A LoserQuestions Not To AskGood and Bad QuestionsIf You Can't Get An AnswerHow To Answer Questions in a Helpful WayRelated ResourcesAcknowledgements