Write an essay

decide on your topic

prepare en outline or diagram of your ideas

write your thesis statement

write the main point

write the sub point

elaborate on the subpoint

write the intruduction

write the conclusion

add the finishing touches
OMG thanks so much. I was kinda panicking earlier cause I have to finish my nutrition month essay. U really helped thank u
1) Plan, or make an outline.

2) Research on your topic to avoid giving out the wrong information.

3) Write an gripping introduction.

4) Sustain the interest in the body.

5) Conclude with a summary of the whole essay, and something you learned or gained from the essay.

NOTE: Don't be repetitive, and avoid grammatical errors.
This really helped, thanks. I'll keep the note in mind.
Oh, sorry! Typo! Haha! Please change number 3's an, to an a. Haha! Sorry again!
Yeah.... It's fine..... I didn't notice that anyway....