ExpositionOrpheus and Eurydice got married. Right after the wedding Eurydice fell to the ground after a poisonous snake bit her. Eurydice and her spirit sunk down into the underworld.Rising Action 1When Orpheus' pain was too much he decided that he would travel through the underworld to get his wife back.Rising Action 2Finally he had reached the throne and begged King Pluto and Queen Proserpina for his love back. Orpheus sang his pleas and made everyone cry.Rising Action 3Pluto and Proserpina were touched and wiped their tears. Pluto said that he may take Eurydice back with him on one condition, that he could not look back at Eurydice or she would have to return to the underworld.Rising Action 4Orpheus longed to look back at his beautiful wife, but he didn't want her to disappear so he kept his gaze straight ahead.ClimaxWhen he was up on the land of the living he looked back at her but Pluto had said both of them had to be out of the underworld before he looked back.Falling ActionEurydice was pulled back into the underworld once again.ResolutionHe started singing again about his loss and some trees covered over him and protected him as he sang his beautiful song.