What can I use operation in the senteces below?:

1. An elevator is on the ground floor,. It goes up8 floors, then down 5, and then 4, whatis its final position in terms of ground floor?
2. A deep sea driverpluged 25 in underwater,then 23 in more. Then the diver rose 15 m. What was the new depth?
3. Ryan weighed 65 kg. he got sik ad lost 4 kg on the 1stweek, then 2kgon the 2nd week. Whenn he got well, he gained 3 kg on the 3rd week and 1 kgon the 4th week. What was his weight after one month.
4. Airplane flying at 4, 260 meteers from theground climbs780 m. What is the final altitude?
5. Ma. Jo Ann deposited P2000 in bank, she withhdrawP1050 on the first month. P450 2nd month ad depositedP 1, 380 on the 3rd month.How much money did she saw in the bank after the 3rd month?



1) 2) 3)63kg 4)3980 m 5) P1880.00