SUMMARY"The Hands of the Blacks" is a short story by Luis Bernardo Honwana. The story follows the narrator as heasks different people to explain the reason why the hands of black people are lighter than the rest of theirbodies. First he speaks to his teacher, who tells him that their hands are lighter because humans once crawledon the ground like four legged animals, leaving their palms unexposed to the light. Next, the narrator speaks tothree religious men, Father Christiano, Señor Antunes, and Señor Frias, who provide him with differentreligious explanations. The narrator then says that he once read a book that explained the phenomenon as theoutcome of slaves picking cotton in Virginia. Finally, the narrator speaks with his mother, who tells him thatGod created black people without lighter hands, but once he saw how they were mistreated by white people, helightened their palms. The mother says that he did this to show that while black people looked different, theirwork for God was just as important and valuable. His mother cries and leaves him to reflect on her words.