There is a monster named Grendel and every night , he attacks the place of king hrothgar. Beouwulf volunteered to help the danes in fighting Grendel because his father had a gratitude on king hrothgar when his father is still a king. one night, grendel came into the hall , and he snatched a victim and he dont knoe that there are pair of eyes watching for his next move... and for his second victim , he didnt know that it is already beowulf and when beouwulf hold rhe claws of grendel , grendel thought that he havent meet anyone who is stronger than him . he wanted to escape and flee back to his den and waited as hell welcomes him after his death. beowulf defeated grendel and all the princes and other people went where thhe battle has he;d just to see the claws , shoulder of grendel tha is being hang by beouwulf. they dont have any doubt and also they dont felt any pity towards grendel as he died. at the edge of the lake , grendel's blood was boiling together with the water  and they didnt saw the body of  grendel because of the bubbles coming from the lake.
as the pepole jogged back to the palace thay keep on saying about what happened  and the heroism of beouwulf , but they didny say that beouwulf is better than king hrotgar because for them king hrothgar is best. most king of all

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