Tony returns to Earth through the Naroomi vortex relic in order to find the Core Dreamstone, while Edyn, Strag and the Magi Resistance Force battle Agram on the drained seabed of Orothe. Unleashing the giant Cawh from its canyon enclosure, Agram turns it into a Shadow Creature to attack the Magi Resistance, while he himself travels to Vash Naroom to destroy the city. On Earth, Tony goes to see Grandpa for help, only to find him sicker than he was before. Eyeing Grandpa's many relics he collected from his years in the Moonlands, Tony comes to a startling realization. He begins smashing relics...and amid the broken relics lays the Core Dreamstone! Agram had hidden it inside a relic - and it was in Grandpa's house the entire time! Vowing to return to care for Grandpa when he's done, Tony goes back to the Moonlands through the vortex. Meanwhile, in Orothe, Edyn and Strag cleverly turn the Shadow Cawh against the Shadow Magi, defeating them soundly. This leads to Tony, Edyn and Strag reuniting in Vash Naroom for the ultimate showdown - Agram versus the Final Dreamers for control of the Moonlands. Agram blasts the Core Dreamstone out of Tony's hands, preventing our heroes from making the Core Glyph. The kids use their Final Dreamer powers to combine Furok, Freep and Ugger into one powerful Dream Creature - ROKREEPER! None of Agram's Core Creatures can defend against its might, forcing Agram to defend himself. This buys the kids the time they need to recover the Core Dreamstone, insert it into the Book of Elders, and make the Core Glyph. The Glyph's incredible power not only sends Agram back to the Core - it transports the Core itself to an entirely different dimension. The Final Dreamers are victorious. The Moonlands has never been more damaged, but at last it's safe once again. It will rebuild. As Tony returns to the obelisk to go back to Earth... Grandpa appears through the vortex. He's healthy again! Turns out that the Void Energy from the Core Dreamstone, being so ...