To use or not to use... •Correct each error in the use of contraction and possessive pronoun.

1. Who'se it's author
2. Have you accepted they're opinion about coping challenges?
3. Their here to demonstrate they're understanding.
4. It's too late for you to go they're.
5. They're to stay and its about time too.

•Try It Out
- Imagine two personas, poets (from the two poem you like or find interesting) meet and have a meal together.
- Imagine how each one shares his\her thoughts on how to face challenges in life.
- Make up few lines of dialogue showing their sharing of ideas.
- Remember to use contractions.



1. Who's its author?
2. Have you accepted their opinion about challenges?
3. They're here to demonstrate their understanding.
4. It's too late for you to go there.
5.They're to stay and it's about time too.

hope ithelps. Not sure tho. :)
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can you answer the try it out.. Please.. Thanks