Communication is very important verbal or non-verbal it means a lot.It help us in expressing our emotion,enable us to socialize with others,defending ourselves and most important thing because of communication we understand each other by means if talking or sign language even facial reaction.
Functions of Communication 1. Informative Function -giving infos. Ex: reporters (ex in weather. They inform us if there is a typhoon.) 2.Instructive function -give instructions (in class, when you're teacher told you to erase the writings on the bord, give this papers in my office, look for Ms.Reyes and borrow a book ... etc) 3.persuasive fuction -endorsing a product 4.motivation function -hmm you communicate to direct people to act and reach their objectives in life. To inspire other people. 5.Aesthetic Function --we use this in communication for enjoyment.. (talking with your friends and telling a joke..) 6.therapeutic Function -communication is curative. (Yoy talk to your friends to vent the feelings. After the talk, you find your self in amuch better condition, right?Telling your friend about your problem, I guess. 7. Reguation /control -we communicate to maintain controlover other people's attitude. Like in our parents, they guide,inspire us when we loose control in sched. , studies. interaction -greeting people. -meeting a strangers -exhanging pleasantries (goodmorning..) -smiling at them -or end of relationship (non verbal like rolling of the eyes.. THAT'S ALL. I HOPE YOU UNDERSTAND HAHA. ^_^