1. Download Trinus Gyre on your PC and Smartphone
2. Launch the app on PC
3. Get a USB cable (Usually the charger of your smartphone)
4. Plug the USB cable to your PC and to your Phone
5. Turn on USB Tethering (Or Hotspot) on your phone
6. Launch Trinus Gyre on your Phone
7. Launch your game on the PC
8. On the Trinus Gyre (PC), do the following:
- Fake 3d = Enables
- Mode = Compatible
- Sensor Type = Mouse
- Sensitivity = Yaw:Invert 60% Pitch 60% Roll 40%
9. Press the Button at the bottom right corner of Trinus Gyre (PC)
10. Quickly after, press the big button on your Trinus Gyre (Android)
11. Click on the window of the game you want to play.
12. Enjoy!!!
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