He create a world where man and woman live, All seem to be going well. Odin found it hard to think of evil times. But he knew that the frost giants were only waiting for the chance to bring trouble to his children. They were the ones who brought col and ice to the world and shook the earth in anger. They hated Odin and a;; the works of gods. And from high on his throne Odin looked down beyond the earth deep into the gloomy land of his enemies. He saw dark figures of huge men moving about. They looked like evil shadows. He, the king of gods, needs to have more wisdom. It was not enough just to see his enemies. He ought to know more about them. Down from his throne, he climbed. then he saw mimir who owns the well that contain magical water where you can see the future but before you can drink that you will need to give him a prize and odin gave him his eyes so that he can see the future of his world