LCM (The least common multiple) of two or more non-zero whole numbers is the smallest whole number that is divisible by each of those numbers. In other words, LCM is the smallest number that all of the numbers divide into evenly.Steps to find the LCM for 8,26 are:1. List the prime factors of each number.2. Multiply each factor the greatest number of times it occurs in either number.The prime factorization of 8 is 2⋅2⋅2.
2⋅2⋅22: Occurs three times26 has a prime number factor of 2 and 13.2⋅132: Occurs once13: Occurs onceThe LCM of 8,26 is the result of multiplying all prime factors the greatest number of times they occur in either number. In this case, the prime factors are 2⋅2⋅2⋅13.2⋅2⋅2⋅13The LCM of 8,26 is 2⋅2⋅2⋅13=104.
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