Arithmetic sequence -is a sequence where each suceeding term is obtained by adding a fixed number. The fixed no. is the CONSTANT DIFFERENCE (d) between two suceeding term. Formula: An=A1+(n-1)d Example: in the AS, 1,5,9,13... Which terms equals to 153? Given: A1=1 d=5-1=4 An=153 Find n Sol: An=A1+(n-1)d 153=1+(n-1)4 153=1+(4n-4) 153=(1-4)+4n 153=-3+4n 153+3=4n 156=4n ---- ---- 4 4 39=n Therefore 153 is 39th term. Gets? Ang A1 ay yung unang number sa sequence. Para makuha ang d, i-MINUS mo lang ang 2nd # sa 1st number. Difference lang kukunin mo sa AS. GEOMETRIC SEQUENCE -is a sequence where each term is obtained by MULTIPLYING the preceeding term by a non zero constant called the COMMON RATIO. (SA AS, difference kukunin mo. Dito kukunin mo ang common ratio. Ano yun? Magdidivide ka lang. Example: 64, 16,4,1 how to get the common ratio? 16/64=1/4 4/16=1/4 1/4=1/4 Parehas diba? Common ratio ang tawag dyan. Gets? Sa AR, magma-minus ka para makuha ang difference. Sa GS, magdidivide. Bakit naging 1/4? Kung ano ang numerator, yun ang ipangdidivide mo. 16÷16=1 64÷16=4 ganoon din sa iba.
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