Q24: Can you give other examples of sex-limited traits in animal ?
Q25: Predict the genotypic ang phenotypic ratios in the offspring if the mother is bald and the father is not bald. perform a cross using a punnett square ?
Q26: In what way are sex-limited and sex-influenced characters similar ?
Q27: What is the main difference between sex-limited and sex-influenced traits ?



25.50%bald and 50% non-bald GENOTYPES- XYbb and XXBB.PHENOTYPE-there is 50% that his/her child is bald and 50% non-bald.
26.they are both autosomal 
27.Sex-limited traits are expressed exclusively in one sex of the species while Sex-linked traits are traits that are controlled by genes located on the same sex chromosomes.

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Q 24 : other examples of sex-limited traits: fanlike tail feather in peacocks that is never expressed in peahens and horns that are exclusively found in males of certain sheep species.
Q 25 : Genotypic Ratio: 1XXBb:1XYBb
          Phenotypic Ratio: 1 female non bald: 1 male bald
Q 26: Sex-limited and sex-influenced traits that are similar in that their expression depends on whether the person is male or female
Q 27: Sex-limited traits that are exclusively in 1 sex and never in the opposite sex. Sex-influenced traits are expressed in both males and females, only more frequently in 1 sex than in the other 
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