Find and correct the errors in agreement in the following sentences:

1. Every students must submit their research paper by monday

2.Have everyone passed their examination booklet?

3.If a person is trusted, you will develop a sense of responsibility

4.When a girl is interviewed for a job, you should wear neat clothes and avoid gaudy Jewels

5. Each of the students in various classes have their own personal problem

6. Not one of my friend have made any improvement in their home

7. Someone has left their car in our driveway

8. Either Dora/Jane left their prayer book here

9. Everyone in our family has their own household chores

10. There are many kinds of people that makes good friends

11. Have either of you been to Zamboanga ?

12. Neither of the coaches want to complain

13. Both of the twins seems interested in electronics

14. Each of the tourist guide wear an identification badge

15. Most of the students like the new adviser



7. Someone has left his/her car in our driveway.
8. Either Dora or Jane left HER prayer book here.
13.Both of the twins seem interested in electronics.