An appetizer is a meal that is small and light enough to be served before the entree to stimulate the taste and make the customer's appetite better.

There are actually five different classes of appetizers:

1. Deep Fried Appetizers
These are the dishes that include cutlets, fries, and chips that are commonly deepfried to achieve crispiness.

2. Steamed Appetizers
Greatly suited for people in diets, steamed appetizers include idli, dhoklas and momos. Their main edge is low calorie count but great flavor.

3. Canapes
A canape is a small but crusty base that is often topped with a choice of yogurt or cheese.

4. Fresh Fruit Appetizer
This type of appetizer is often the easiest to prepare but one of the most effective in stimulating appetite. Thanks to their easy availablility and color.

5. Grilled
Dishes like paneer, mushroom, vegetables, green, red and yellow bellpepers suit this type.