1   Stop feeling sorry for yourself - Don’t wallow in self-pity as it is self-defeating.  Learn to accept the situation and find out what actions you can take to improve your situation.

2   Be grateful -  Make a daily or twice daily habit of looking at the good things you have going.

3   Say ‘yes’ more - Learn to ‘go with the flow’ and say yes to outings and activities you might normally not get involved with.

4   Follow your bliss - Push your overall direction into doing things that you truly enjoy.

5   Learn to let go - Recognize when certain negative emotions are holding you back.  Learn to let go of these negative emotions so they don’t destroy your happiness.

6   Do random acts of kindness - Doing things for other people naturally makes you feel good.

7   Happiness is only ever now - Decide to frequently enjoy the moment - without focusing all your energy on the past or the future.