Letter C meaning in Christian. Vibrations from C create talent in the world of arts, writing and in communicating with others. They bestow upon you the vivacity of mind, positive thinking and intelligence. You also have it easier to meet and get along well with new people. At times this can also result in agitation or nervousness because your excessive excitement brings forth awkward nervous chatter. Reinforcing the effects of the C are L and U. Diminishing effects letters are B and T.Letter H meaning in Christian. Levitating a big desire to succeed materially while being independent. These rigid vibrations carry few feelings but do give you energy and effectiveness in matters of business. Watch out for not being too selfish and cold to reach your goals, because loneliness will await you. Reinforcing the effects of the H are Q and Z. Diminishing effects letters are G, Y and P.Letter R meaning in Christian. Its vibrations offer an excellent vitality, intelligence and imagination. Many agitations, but also ambition for access to power. They also influence the need to be recognized. Some obstacles however are impatience, tension, impulsiveness and even paranoia. Reinforcing the effects of the R is I. Diminishing effects letters are H, Q and Z.Letter I meaning in Christian. Vibrations of this letter are often linked to loneliness. There are big hidden ideals, ephemeral, passionate impulses which give a charm and an unique altruism. Your functioning is of a hypersensitive and active nature. At times take a step back from your home environment and try to clear your head while relaxing. Reinforcing the effects of the I is R. Diminishing effects letters are A, H, Q and Z.Letter S meaning in Christian. Good vibrations for financial gain or to promote business sense. Sense of service and recognized authority. Sacrifices for others. Life is emotionally not that stable, possibly feelings of nervousness and irritation. Some should pay attention to the hysterical tendencies and self-centeredness. Reinforcing the effects of the S are A and J. Diminishing effects letters are B, I and R.Letter T meaning in Christian. Helping to promote knowledge in all things, expanding your awareness and ambitions. Strong intuitions that increase your sensitivity. Expressing poetics imagination, creation, enthusiasm and curiosity. New visions of things, spiritual rebirth. Sometimes confusion between dreams and reality. Possible fragility. Reinforcing the effects of the T is B and K. Diminishing effects letters are J AND S.Letter A meaning in Christian. They interpret it as an assertiveness, the audacious and the upper authority which sends orders to his subordinates. You can also give it the role of resurgence, birth or starting point. It is also the kernel they seed and what they will harvest in next 9 months. Possible bad sides: coldness, ruthless ambition, impatience. Reinforcing the effects of the A are S and J. Diminishing effects letters are B and T.Letter N meaning in Christian. Supporting you with strong communication ability. Bright and fast reasoning that never leaves you helpless in arguments. Letter N also give you skills in negotiations and analytical abilities specifically regarding scientific medical work. Be wary however of the hesitations, concerns and stay alert to not be manipulated by others. Reinforcing the effects of the N are E and W. Diminishing effects letters are D, M and V.
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