Explain the following quotes: 1. Faith is a house with many rooms.

2. Doubt is useful; it keeps faith a living thing. After all, you cannot know the strength of your faith until it is tested.

3. No one has seen that island since, and you’d never read about those trees in any book. And yet, if I hadn’t found those shores I would have died, if I hadn’t discovered that tooth I would have been lost alone forever.

4. Even when God seemed to have abandoned me, He was watching. Even when he seemed indifferent to my suffering, and when I was beyond all hope saving, He gave me rest and gave me a sign to continue my journey.
It happened, it happened. Why should it have to mean anything.

5. For castaways, who must share their lifeboats with large, dangerous carnivores, it is advisable to establish a territory as your own.



Faith is a house with many rooms- meaning that there are different levels of faith, low high moderate ; it might also mean that you have many things to believe in hence the many rooms, ex. god,buddha,aliens and all that stuff, and it is your choice to go in any of the rooms which means you have the freedom to choose what you believe in.

I have faith that you can answer the others. :3