Household = Write where you live (ex, binan, iloilo, ...)

Area in the community = Choose an area in your neighbourhood.

Non-decay-Decay = Okay so what do you see in the area, do you see paper and plastic? If so, does it decay, if it doesn't write it in Non-decay and if it does write it in Decay.
Examples of what you might see, paper.plastic,bottles, cans, ...
Identify or search the internet whether they decay or not.

Ways of disposing= How can you dispose them? By recycling? Proper disposal and not just throwing it around the neighbourhood. Blabla, you should also search the net or solve the problem yourself.

Health=Can plastic affect your family? I actually don't know this so search the net 'how does plastic affect health', read the effects, and write it down but!!!! don't directly copy it, you can change the words that are complicated to understand.

Good Luck!