Life is a journey. We are born in this world with a purpose--we don't know what that purpose is, this is the reason why we live to find it. We find our purpose within the corners of the world or by looking at the faces of strangers. Life is unpredictable. One moment it's there, the next, it's gone. Each of us are raised with different opinions regarding a variety of options and situations, we all share those thoughts in a form of communication. Life, as we know it, is broad and short, at the same time. There are times we feel it's too long to wait, but when it passed, we felt surprised how much time has passed. Life is also weird, in a way that we all can't explain, we only expressed it's definition based on our experiences. Life can be also death, in a manner that many have realized. Waking up to the same bed, doing the same routine, going to the same school, getting bored at the same subject, doing the same things for pastime, talking to the same people, and falling asleep to the same manner. Dead, in a sense that we are lifeless. No control of our own. We are bound on what society have taught and raised us. 
Life, in conclusion, is never explainable, with no direct definition.